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Production Line

Since its establishment, Kaili Carpet has introduced more than 500 sets of advanced carpet production equipment from Belgium, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries.


With advanced production equipment and strong technical force, Kaili has formed a strong production capacity: annual production of various carpets reaches 30 million square meters with that of BCF spinning reaching 26,000 tons.


Among the products, woven wilton carpets, woven axminster carpets,tufted carpet, printed carpet, carpet tiles, hand-made carpets, marine carpets, train carpets, car carpets, single-sided Wilton carpets, all kinds of carpets for households and engineering, PVC, bitumen carpets are ranked among the leading places in the industry category.









Carpet has been crafted for centuries in countries around the world to add confid and styles to home with designs, pattern and colors, involving as weaving and dying technics, became more surfiscate over the ages. 

Jiangsu Kaili Carpet Co., Ltd. factory production line 0Jiangsu Kaili Carpet Co., Ltd. factory production line 1


Our experts, sales, designs and managementing team offer a convenient survice. Providing customers with everything they need and successful installation. We offer the largest range of colors in the world and designers have the choice of 1000 standard colors and amazing 22000 nonstandard options, making each project unique.

Jiangsu Kaili Carpet Co., Ltd. factory production line 2

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